Group Getting Splashed Whitewater Rafting

Top 3 Reasons White Water Rafting is a Great Bonding Experience

There are many reasons why rafting with Mukwah Rafting Tours makes for a great group activity. Whether you’re getting the family together for a fun day out on the water or you’re looking to challenge your team, our customized trips cater to any event and our expert guides ensure you enjoy your entire trip. Here are a few reasons why whitewater rafting is a great bonding experience at Mukwah Rafting Tours.

1. Safety

We have an excellent safety record, which encourages many people to come out and have a great time. Mukwah’s highly rated reviews are thanks to our fantastic guides. They not only meet everyone’s safety concerns but are also very flexible and cater to every unique event. Read Four White Water Rafting Myths & Misconceptions to learn more about our safety standards.

2. Flexibility

At Mukwah Rafting Tours, we provide highly customized trips that cater to every special occasion. We can outfit different occasions with different meals. We have the facilities and services that allow our guests to come for the day or stay several days. We have campsites to tent or choose to stay at one of our cabins for your overnight stay.

3. Team Building

There arent many outdoor team-building activities as dynamic as whitewater rafting. Teams are challenged to cooperate, communicate, and lead their way down the rapids, while enjoying the thrill and excitement that comes with the sport. Getting through the challenging rapids, with the guidance and safety supervision of our expert guides makes for a great adventure for any team. Choose between our calmer water experiences or if your team is up for a challenge, try our Full Jaunty package, and add the Double Ledge and the Highlights for more rapids with a big double drop during a full day (4 hrs) of white water rafting on the Red Deer River.

Group Getting Splashed Whitewater Rafting

6 reasons to book your next whitewater rafting trip:

  1. Birthday
  2. Anniversary
  3. Retirement party
  4. Family reunion
  5. Stag, stagette
  6. Date night

Customize your next trip with Mukwah Rafting Tours today!

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