** As you join us for a wilderness escape, please realize our remote location does not have cell service or Wi-Fi. Please plan your trip accordingly and have the proper directions before leaving as you will lose service for the last half an hour before reaching our basecamp.**

**If you are coming from Southern Alberta we suggest avoiding HWY 40 as it is an active logging road that is not regularly maintained. This is a thin road through the mountains which has several sharp corners and steep drops. While GPS Maps may show this route as the primary option, we suggest taking the more northern route which goes through Sundre.**

  **Inputting 101036 Panther RD, West of Sundre, AB T0M 1X0 or "Mukwah Rafting" to Google Maps will provide directions to our base however Apple Maps does not provide the proper destination!**



Our base camp is 60 km SW of Sundre and takes 45 minutes to an hour from town depending on road conditions


  1. Follow HWY 27 (AKA AB 584) West of town for 8 km 
  2. Turn left and head south on Range Road 63 AKA Coal Camp Rd. 
  3. Follow RR 63 SW along the Red Deer River for 46 KM until you reach a T intersection at RR 64. 
  4. Take a Left and go South at the T intersection for 3 KM until you come to a Y in the road. 
  5. Turn Left at the Y and go over the blue bridge.
    1. ***** The Blue Bridge is a single lane bridge, please take caution when crossing and ensure the bridge is clear before proceeding to cross.*****
  6. Take an immediate right after Mountain Aire Lodge and continue South onto Panther Rd. 
  7. Drive 2 km on the Panther Rd and turn right at the Mukwah Sign!
    1. The entrance to our base is just past BARRIER MOUNTAIN OUTFITTERS. If you reach SUNSET GUIDING you have gone too far! 
    2. When you get to the base please park near the parking sign on the right side of the road and head to the Lodge for assistance from one of our staff! 

The road turns to gravel approximately 30km from the base. There are directional signs from surrounding tour operators which will also guide you in the right direction. If you feel lost you can follow the signs for Mountain Aire or Panther Lodge which will take you to the Panther Rd.  


North & South

Whether you are coming from the North or South, Highway 2 is the fastest and safest way to get to the proper latitude. If your starting point is west of Hwy 2 the Cowboy Trail or Hwy 22 is the next best route to get to the west side of Sundre on HWY 27. 

East & West

Take the 340B Exit West from HWY 2 onto HWY 27 AKA AB 584 and follow for 50 km to the west end of Sundre. 

Approximate travel time from Edmonton to base camp = 3½ hours.

Approximate travel time from Calgary to base camp = 2 hours.

When it comes to whitewater, the upper Red Deer River has some of the most exciting water this side of the Rockies. When you join Mukwah, you know that you are about to have an experience of a lifetime.


The Coal Camp Road is an unpaved logging road, while it is preferable to HWY 40 there are still potential hazards you should be aware of when traveling to our base camp! Keep in mind there is no cell service and getting help in an emergency can be difficult. As such, it is recommended you drive with caution and be aware of the hazards you can potentially encounter. 

  • DUST - During the dryer parts of the summer the road can become extremely dusty from the traffic. This dust can obscure vision for sometime and it is suggested you slow down until the cloud has cleared as there are several other hazards which could become an issue with speed.
  • WILDLIFE-  As the closest town of Sundre is a 45 minute drive away we are surrounded by wildlife which do cross the roads frequently. 
    • d by cars attempting to run across the road instead of away from it. When traveling through this area expect to see a minimum of 2 herds near the road on your journey. 

Keep in mind deer usually travel in herds and it is suggested to drive with caution if you see any deer as there is likely more in the area that may attempt to get across the road!

  • WILD HORSES - are plentiful in the area and sometimes stand on the road refusing to move for your vehicle. Please give them space and do not attempt to scare them off the road. 
    • If you do feel the need to stop your vehicle to get a better look at the wild horses please ensure that you turn on your hazard lights and move far enough off of the road to avoid obstructing traffic. 
    • Please do not get out of your vehicle and attempt to approach the horses. While they may look like domesticated horses, they are wild animals and can be aggressive if they feel the herd is threatened.
  • COWS - Coal Camp road runs through 2 Grazing Leases used by local farmers. These Cows do occasionally stop on the road and may not move for your vehicle. If you have been waiting for sometime and they have not moved they usually will if you get out of your vehicle and “shoo” them. 
  • POTHOLES - After a heavy rainfall the road can develop fairly large potholes and A LOT of smaller ones, especially in low lying flat areas. Excessive speed can cause vehicles to aggressively shake and turn unexpectedly. It is suggested that you reduce speed and attempt to avoid the potholes whenever possible. 
  • SUNSET - If you are journeying to our base in the evening the setting sun can be directly in your eyeline and significantly obscure vision throughout the drive especially when going uphill. 
  • ROCKS - Heavy Rains occasionally loosen rocks which fall on the road. These rocks are generally removed fairly quickly but can still be present and should be considered when driving. 
    • If you are reaching the top of a hill and see the River on the Left be aware there may be large rocks on the right side of the road which can cause significant damage to vehicles if hit. 

While the Journey to our own little slice of paradise may be an adventure unto its own, the scenery and experiences available in the area are sure to create lasting memories that are Worth the Drive!