Guided Group Rafting

Four White Water Rafting Myths & Misconceptions

Myth 1: White water Rafting is Dangerous

White water rafting with Mukwah Rafting Tours is safe. All our white water rafting trips include a certified white water rafting guide per raft. All guides are also certified in First Aid, CPR and Swiftwater Rescue, and have achieved the highest accreditation possible in leading white water tours. Mukwah Rafting Tour’s guides are highly trained and always in control of the boat.

At Mukwah Rafting Tours, we provide all safety gear including:

  • Wetsuit
  • lifejacket
  • Helmet
  • Paddling Jacket
  • Fleece
  • Wet Shoes
  • Gloves

We make white water rafitng safe and fun. Typically, if there are any concerns with the pace of white water rafting depending on the time of the season, we have other services, such as the Red Deer River Float. If you rather take it easy and enjoy the scenery, join us for a relaxing 1-hour float down the mighty Red Deer!

Guided Group Rafting

Myth 2: Rafting is only for adrenaline seekers

Your white water rafting experience can be what you want it to be!
If you join us in the spring, the waters will be rough and make for an adrenaline-pumping experience, but you can relax and enjoy the scenery more with a summer trip as the water will flow much more consistently.

Myth 3: White water rafting is the same no matter where you go

Every river offers a different experience because they are all unique. In some rafting experiences, you may start off with some excellent white water rafting, followed by a calmer trip down the river before you get back into more action. The Red Deer River is excellent as it has exciting spots throughout the trip, with incredible views, and its continuous flow offers a more consistent experience.

Myth 4: White water rafting is bad for your back

White water rafting is not bad for your back. However, if you already have pre-existing medical conditions such as chronic back pain, we suggest trying our low-intensity experiences. Our staff are very experienced, and knowledgeable, and are able to assist you in finding the right and safe experience.