5 Reasons to Love Whitewater Rafting in Alberta

Spring is finally here! With the rising temperatures and winter finally behind us, it is time to start planning an adventure out on the rapids. . Whitewater rafting is a great way to enjoy the outdoors from a new perspective as a group. We’ve compiled a short list of reasons to love whitewater rafting. Discover a whitewater rafting package that best suits your needs.

Calgary River Float Experience

1. Get Active

An afternoon of whitewater rafting can strengthen your core, upper body, and lower body. The repetitive motions make for a great workout. You can choose the intensity of your workout by rafting at different times of the year with varying conditions. The rough waters provide an intense workout experience, while the calmer waters serve as rest periods in between.

Overall, whitewater rafting can prove to be a great alternative form of exercise that activates core muscle groups, increases your heart rate, and improves agility and endurance. What better place to get your exercise in than nature – a gym with a view.

2. Enjoy the Outdoors

Experience the outdoors from a new perspective. There are plenty of stunning landmarks in Alberta and whitewater rafting can take you on a beautiful sightseeing adventure to see it all. Floating down the rapids will give you a newfound appreciation for mother nature as you paddle through scenic glacier mountains, spectacular waterfalls, and historic rocky shores.

Keep an eye for wildlife like bears, mountain goats, and deer. Be sure to take a look at the skies above from time to time for other wildlife flying above like eagles and over 200 species of birds as you take in Alberta’s iconic sceneries.

3. Boost Your Adrenaline

Few water sports give you a shot of adrenaline like whitewater rafting. It is enjoyed by many sports enthusiasts looking to try a new intense water sport. Book your whitewater rafting trip in early spring to take advantage of the more intense water conditions when the snow starts to melt.

Choose our Sports Sampler for an adrenaline-filled day out on the water. Sports Rafting utilizes the smaller raft that holds a maximum of 4 guests. The smaller, more agile raft leads to big excitement.
Whitewater rafting can be one of the most adrenaline-filled group activities that you can experience with friends or family.

4. Spend Time with Loved Ones

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or even a family reunion with Mukwah Rafting Tours. We have an excellent safety record, ensuring guests have a great time when they’re out on the water with us. One of the reasons Mukwah Rafting Tours is highly rated is because of our excellent guides. They are not only highly qualified but are also very flexible and cater to your unique event.

Our flexibility doesn’t end with catering to special events; we can outfit different occasions with different meals; we offer services that allow our guests to visit for the day or stay for several days. We have campsites where you can tent or choose to stay in one of our cabins. Check out our additional packages and contact us to see how we can make your event an unforgettable one.

Group Campfire at Mukwah

5. Discover a Unique Sport

Whitewater rafting is one of the most unique experiences. Your first trip out on the rapids will be a memorable one. Conquer your fears with a mountain view as you paddle through rapids with your friends or family or float your way past scenic sites as you take a tour. Whitewater rafting is a bucket list item for many and our rafting packages cater to any experience you’re looking for. Check out our packages to see what’s right for you!

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