Choose from one of our 3 different raft sizes to challenge the river! Each raft provides a different experience allowing vastly different experiences on the same river. Look below to find the right boat to ride on your journey through the wilderness!


As the largest boats we paddle, these 16 foot rafts provide a great introduction to whitewater. These rafts hold up to 8 guests and a guide offering a more safe and stable ride than smaller rafts. Groups of 8 or more receive $10 off per person.


Those looking to add a bit more excitement to their day can join us on our Sport Raft. This 10 foot raft only fits 4 paddlers and a guide providing an up close and personal experience with every rapid encountered. Guests require some previous paddling experience before joining a trip on a sport raft and it is recommended guests experience the large raft before booking. As there is a higher element of risk in smaller rafts participants must be over 12 years old to paddle this raft.


Ready to give it a go by yourself? Our two person inflatable kayaks are available for those who are ready to take their paddling to the next level. These personal rafts are a great way for experienced paddlers to further their skills with support from experienced Guides. Follow alongside our rafts as we guide you through the best rapids the red deer river has to offer. Kayaks are only available later in the season at low water and guests must be able to prove previous paddling experience In order to join trips in kayaks. 


Time for a river rafting adventure!