H2O, Boots & Beef

Check this out! Hiking one day, rafting the next day and camping in between, with a Steak BBQ thrown in for good measure. Ya Ha Tinda, Red Deer River and The Mukwah Tours Campground. Can it get any better than that? Not a chance!

Day One – Hiking

You start out with our Ya Ha Tinda Hike, Ya Ha Tinda means high prairie in the Cree language. Today it is a wildlife sanctuary, where wildlife abounds, and Elk herds dwell in the winter months. It is also the location of Parks Canada's horse ranch, where they raise and train horses for back country service in Canada's park system. A Ya Ha Tinda hike includes a visit to two waterfalls and the opportunity of experiencing the natural waterslides. It's not just a hike, but a memory that will linger with you for years to come.

After the end of the first day you sit around the camp fire or in the hot tub and taking in the Alberta foothills scenery, while the Mukwah crew prepares your Steak BBQ. A great way for you to cap off the day.

Day Two – White Water Rafting

After lunch you get set to tackle THE FULL JAUNTY raft trip.

A full day (4½ hrs) on the Red Deer River with exposure to several classes of rapids from II to IV,  Rafting the rapids of the Upper Red Deer River, where each 'hit' in the rapids is an exhilarating experience. With names like Gooseberry, S Bends, The Nationals, Rock Garden, and Sauna Hole.

A trip you won’t soon forget.

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